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DeRuyter Entities

DeRuyter Entities
Nick & Suzanne DeRuyter, Owners

From humble beginnings in Washington State nearly 40 years ago, Nick and Suzanne DeRuyter have grown their operations into one of the largest wholesale dairy farm businesses in the Northwest. Since relocating to Idaho in 1997, the DeRuyters have grown their dairy herd to over 8,000 cows milking daily and farm nearly 5,000 acres. Nick and Suzanne provide more than 25 million gallons of quality whole milk annually as producers for both Northwest Dairy Association in Washington and Sorrento Lactalis in Idaho.

“As owners of our DeRuyter Entities, we have maintained a business banking relationship with Citizens Business Bank’s Dairy & Livestock Group dating back to 1997 when we relocated to Idaho. The Bank has continually provided us with financing solutions over the years, including Operating Lines of Credit and Real Estate Financing, to grow and expand our various business interests into what we have today. With the Bank’s belief and trust in us, we have continued to produce a stable product for the world’s food supply which will allow our family to carry on our various business interests for years to come.”

Nick and Suzanne DeRuyter, Owners