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Armorcast Products Company

Armorcast Products Company
Paul Boghossian, Armorcast Products Company

When H.P. Boghossian first started Armorcast Products Company in 1966, he didn’t set out to create an innovative leader in the utilities industry, but that’s exactly what they’re known for today. The early years of Armorcast involved selling and installing reinforced fiberglass architectural elements for retail construction, movie studios, and Las Vegas hotels. It wasn’t until 1972 that Armorcast introduced their signature product line of durable underground protective enclosures for utility companies. Around this time, Armorcast established a partnership with Community Bank. When Citizens Business Bank acquired Community Bank in August of 2018, the team at Armorcast were initially concerned about what changes might be in store for them.

When your bank of 40 years is acquired, you worry you’re just going to be another number to them. That hasn’t been the case,” says Paul Boghossian, Mr. Boghossian’s son, and the current President of Armorcast. Within the first few weeks of the acquisition, the President & CEO of Citizens Business Bank, was visiting with Paul and his team at Armorcast Products headquarters. He was there to reassure the team that they could expect the same level of personal attention that they’d grown accustomed to with their previous bank. Despite an abundance of banks persistently trying to convert Armorcast as a new customer, Paul and his team chose to continue their banking with Citizens Business Bank. “We’re a good example of a satisfied transition customer. We had a lot of options, but we gave the Bank a chance and I’m glad we did.”

Armorcast Products has plans to relocate to a larger facility in the summer of 2019, and according to Paul, “Citizens Business Bank was critical in us being able to do that.” To facilitate their transition, Armorcast implemented a Bridge Loan to purchase the new building, which allowed them the time to find a buyer and exchange their current facility as part of a 1031 Reverse Exchange transaction. Paul relied heavily on the expertise of the Bank’s Relationship Management team, and their ability to provide the necessary financing to make the purchase a reality.

Paul Boghossian
Armorcast Products Company


Pacific Design Technologies, Inc.

Pacific Design Technologies, Inc.
Rich Fisher, President and Chief Executive Officer

Pacific Design Technologies, Inc., located in Goleta, California, is a leading contract, design, and manufacturing company. They specialize in the development of advanced thermal management solutions for space, defense, and commercial aerospace applications. Founded in 2000, Pacific Design Technologies, Inc. has a highly experienced staff of engineers, designers, technicians, and administrative support. They are the only company in the world with an active pump operating on another planet through the Mars Curiosity Rover.

“We selected Citizens Business Bank because they took the time to get to know our business, our people, and the goals of our company. The willingness and ability of the Bank to put together customized financial solutions based on our needs confirmed our decision to put our trust in them. Currently, we use their Commercial Lending services, which allows us to facilitate our fast paced growth. We use Business Online Banking to manage our daily organizational finances and operation. Whenever we are considering any financial decisions, we discuss it with our Relationship Manager first. The Bank provides us a full financial review prior to execution, which gives us confidence to achieve our goals.”


Roncelli Plastics

Roncelli Plastics
Gino Roncelli, Founder and Chairman of the Board, Riley K. Cole, Chief Executive Officer, and Christopher Cole, President and Chief Operating Officer

Roncelli Plastics, located in Monrovia, California, specializes in precision fabrication, CNC machining, die cutting, rapid prototyping, and clean room assembly of plastic and non-metallic components. Committed to investing in the most efficient manufacturing technologies and outstanding people, Roncelli Plastics is dedicated to delivering the best quality components in the industry. Their diverse team of experienced engineers, machinists, inspectors, supervisors, and managers focus on delivering exceptional customer service alongside precision production of plastic components for every customer.

“Citizens Business Bank has been our trusted banking partner for over 30 years. We value the personal, attentive, and dedicated service that they provide. With their broad understanding of our business, we have the peace of mind knowing that if anything out of the ordinary happens, we will get a call from our Relationship Manager. We use their Treasury Management Services to help prevent fraud and maximize cash flow. We count on the stability and reliability of the Bank. Whether it is a Service Representative or the CEO, we know that we will get quality service with a personal touch.”


Banks Power

Banks Power
Gale Banks, Chief Executive Officer and Elizabeth Bruny, Director of Business Operations

Gale Banks Engineering, also known as Banks Power, is a premier designer and manufacturer of power enhancing products for diesel and gas powered light trucks, motorhomes, and sport utility vehicles. Since the 1960s, their futuristic high-performance engines have broken new ground, set world records, and won world championships. Gale Banks Engineering’s fundamental principles combine old-fashioned business ethics and service with leading technology, elegantly engineered products, superior construction, scientifically proven performance, and competitive pricing.

“Citizens Business Bank makes every client feel like their business matters. The customer focused service and consistent communication we receive at all levels of the Bank demonstrates their dedication to our success. When we started another company, the Bank made the process seamless and we were able to get up and running in a timely manner. Through solutions such as Positive Pay and Business Online Banking, the Bank provides our companies the ability to be efficient and help to minimize risk. For over 17 years, Citizens Business Bank has remained actively engaged in our business and understands our future goals. The growth of the Bank is a sign that together, we will achieve mutual success.”


Sierra School Equipment Company

Sierra School
Greg McDermott, President, Mike McDermott, Chief Financial Officer, Bryan Burrow, Chief Operations Officer, Steven McDermott, Philip McDermott, and Kevin McDermott

Sierra School Equipment is family-owned, customer-focused, and has built a strong reputation as a company dedicated to the highest level of quality and satisfaction. Founded in Bakersfield, California in 1957, they offer a wide variety of superior educational and contract office furniture, equipment, auditorium seating, lockers, and tables. They take great pride in knowledgeable selling, servicing, and installation of the products they offer to their customers.

“Relationships drive business. Our Relationship Manager with Citizens Business Bank is readily available when any need arises. They have dedicated service professionals who know our business and are willing to step up for us when it counts. Over the years, we have expanded our banking relationship to include Wealth Management services from CitizensTrust, a working capital Line of Credit, and Treasury Management Services which provide the flexibility and functionality we need. Citizens Business Bank has the financial strength to accommodate our growth, understands our business, and provides proactive and excellent service.”


Highland Lumber Sales

Highland Lumber Sales
Richard Phillips (President and Chief Executive Officer) and Daniel LoBue (Vice President, Chief Financial Officer)

Highland Lumber Sales is the largest domestic producer of wooden plantation shutter components, located in Anaheim, CA. They also specialize in cut to size pallet and crating components to meet individual customer needs. Since 1991, Highland Lumber Sales prides itself on providing excellent customer service and superior products at fair prices through a team of dedicated lumber experts.

“Relationships are key to success in business. One of our more important relationships is with our bank. Citizens Business Bank has taken the time to understand our business and provide commercial real estate loans, equipment leases, deposit products and treasury management services to keep us moving forward. We value the support of our relationship manager and consider him a partner in reaching our business goals. We could not be more satisfied with the service we receive from Citizens Business Bank.”

Richard Phillips (President and Chief Executive Officer)
Daniel LoBue (Vice President, Chief Financial Officer)


Simulations Plus, Inc.

Simulations Plus, Inc.
Walter S. Woltosz (Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer), John R. Kneisel (Chief Financial Officer), and John A. DiBella (Vice President Marketing and Sales)

Simulations Plus, Inc., is a premier developer of groundbreaking drug discovery and development software, headquartered in Southern California. Their modeling and simulation software is licensed by major pharmaceutical, biotechnology, agrochemical, and food industry companies, as well as regulatory agencies and universities worldwide for use in industry-based research and teaching. They also provide consulting services ranging from early drug discovery through preclinical and clinical trial data analysis. Simulations Plus, Inc. is a global leader focused on improving how scientists use knowledge and data to predict the properties and outcomes of pharmaceutical and biotechnology agents.

“Citizens Business Bank has been our primary and dedicated financial partner for over 10 years. Throughout the Bank, the consistent service and responsiveness we receive is the most valuable part of our relationship. We work closely with our relationship manager to identify opportunities to help achieve our business objectives, helping manage our cash flow through business checking accounts and treasury management services.Citizens Business Bank is a serious partner for serious business.”

Walter S. Woltosz, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer
John R. Kneisel, Chief Financial Officer
John A. DiBella, Vice President Marketing and Sales


Mortech Manufacturing

Mortech Manufacturing
Gino Joseph (Chief Executive Officer), John Joseph (Vice President), Paul Joseph (Vice President), Christy Haines (CFO/Vice President), and Benny Joseph, Jr. (CEO/CFO)

Mortech Manufacturing Company Inc. was founded by Benny Joseph in 1985. His five children still operate the business. Mortech manufactures high quality stainless steel laboratory equipment and instruments for a wide range of post-mortem facilities, including pathology, autopsy, necropsy, veterinary, morgue, anatomy, and mortuary locations. Equipment quality is maintained through state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and top-notch manufacturing personnel.

“Citizens Business Bank has allowed our company to grow and expand through the years by providing equipment financing, operating lines of credit, and most recently, a commercial real estate loan for our new building. Our father started with the bank many years ago. Citizens Business Bank has stood by us, and we will remain with them for many years to come.”

Gino Joseph, Chief Executive Officer
John Joseph, Vice President
Paul Joseph, Vice President
Christy Haines, CFO/Vice President
Benny Joseph, Jr., CEO/CFO


Cardinal Paint and Powder, Inc.

Cardinal Paint and Powder, Inc.
Pat Mathiesen (Chief Financial Officer)

Cardinal Paint and Powder, Inc., headquartered in South El Monte, CA, is a leader in the manufacture of high quality coatings. Cardinal offers a wide range of liquid and powder coating systems developed to meet and exceed the most demanding performance and emission standards. Cardinal Paint, which has facilities across North America and Asia, is dedicated to serving their customers and providing solutions to any coating challenges.

“As a family owned and operated business established in 1952, strong relationships built on customer service are very important to us. For almost 20 years, Citizens Business Bank understands our unique needs and provides excellent service. They have helped optimize our cash flow with treasury management services and will play an integral role in helping finance future growth and expansion. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Citizens Business Bank as a financial partner.”

Pat Mathiesen, Chief Financial Officer


Ejay Filtration, Inc.

Ejay Filtration, Inc.
Jennifer Hall (Vice President/Sales Manager), and Cheryl Young (President)

Since 1988, Ejay Filtration Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of stainless steel and wire mesh filtration products. Our mission was founded on quality, delivery, and price, driven through the partnerships we have with our customers and suppliers. As a women-owned small business, these relationships are critical to our success as leaders working in the NASA space program, US military, and commercial aerospace industries.

“Citizen Business Bank demonstrates their value with every transaction which contributes to Ejay Filtration’s long-term success. We consider Citizen Business Bank to be a key partner for not only large commercial equipment loans but with a variety of other financial services including online banking and bankcard services. Our success benefits not only our business but
our community too.”

Cheryl Young, President
Jennifer Hall, Vice President/Sales Manager


Ted Levine Drum Company

Ted Levine Drum Company
Ozzie Levine, President

The Levine family has been in the drum business since 1906, when Hyman Levine saw a need and started a wooden barrel cooperage in Los Angeles, California. In the mid-1940s, his nephew, Ted Levine, returned from the Armed Services and joined the family business. He worked at H. Levine Cooperage until 1962 when he decided to start his own business after the sale of his uncle’s business to Myers Drum. Today, Ted Levine Drum Company is a major plastic drum reconditioner on the West Coast under the leadership of Ted’s son, Ozzie Levine. Our corporate mission is to produce and provide exceptional quality and service as we continue to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.

“Citizens Business Bank has been very supportive in extending Lines of Credit for working capital and purchasing equipment that has allowed us to expand our business. With their continued support, we are automating our production lines to increase our productivity and profits, which wouldn’t be achievable without their consistent support. The staff at Citizens Business Bank are truly a pleasure to work with.”

Ozzie Levine, President


Cutting Edge Supply

Cutting Edge Supply
- Hoby and John Brenner, Owners

Since 1950, Cutting Edge Supply has provided the Western United States with superior products and customer service, becoming one of the largest independently-owned distributors of ground engaging tools in North America. Their parts and services help enhance and support the success of a wide range of industries, including construction, mining, sand and aggregate, waste and recycling, and agriculture and material processing throughout Southern and Northern California, Nevada and Arizona.

“Our ground engaging tools and wear parts are our business. Without the Equipment Loans and Line of Credit we have with Citizens Business Bank, we couldn’t meet and exceed expectations of the businesses that rely upon our versatile products. Without the support of Citizens Business Bank, we couldn’t grow and improve as a company.”

Hoby and John Brenner, Owners


Alcorn Fence Company

Alcorn Fence Company
Greg Erickson, President

Celebrating its 70th year in business, Alcorn Fence Company has provided quality, on-time security improvements, highway safety products and ornamental metals to commercial, industrial and public sector clients from Cape Canaveral to Pearl Harbor and points in between.