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Banks Power

Banks Power
Gale Banks, Chief Executive Officer and Elizabeth Bruny, Director of Business Operations

Gale Banks Engineering, also known as Banks Power, is a premier designer and manufacturer of power enhancing products for diesel and gas powered light trucks, motorhomes, and sport utility vehicles. Since the 1960s, their futuristic high-performance engines have broken new ground, set world records, and won world championships. Gale Banks Engineering’s fundamental principles combine old-fashioned business ethics and service with leading technology, elegantly engineered products, superior construction, scientifically proven performance, and competitive pricing.

“Citizens Business Bank makes every client feel like their business matters. The customer focused service and consistent communication we receive at all levels of the Bank demonstrates their dedication to our success. When we started another company, the Bank made the process seamless and we were able to get up and running in a timely manner. Through solutions such as Positive Pay and Business Online Banking, the Bank provides our companies the ability to be efficient and help to minimize risk. For over 17 years, Citizens Business Bank has remained actively engaged in our business and understands our future goals. The growth of the Bank is a sign that together, we will achieve mutual success.”