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Mortech Manufacturing

Mortech Manufacturing
Gino Joseph (Chief Executive Officer), John Joseph (Vice President), Paul Joseph (Vice President), Christy Haines (CFO/Vice President), and Benny Joseph, Jr. (CEO/CFO)

Mortech Manufacturing Company Inc. was founded by Benny Joseph in 1985. His five children still operate the business. Mortech manufactures high quality stainless steel laboratory equipment and instruments for a wide range of post-mortem facilities, including pathology, autopsy, necropsy, veterinary, morgue, anatomy, and mortuary locations. Equipment quality is maintained through state-of-the-art fabrication equipment and top-notch manufacturing personnel.

“Citizens Business Bank has allowed our company to grow and expand through the years by providing equipment financing, operating lines of credit, and most recently, a commercial real estate loan for our new building. Our father started with the bank many years ago. Citizens Business Bank has stood by us, and we will remain with them for many years to come.”

Gino Joseph, Chief Executive Officer
John Joseph, Vice President
Paul Joseph, Vice President
Christy Haines, CFO/Vice President
Benny Joseph, Jr., CEO/CFO