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Auto Leasing Benefits

Use our fleet purchasing power to lease, finance or buy one or a fleet of vehicles - in all makes and models. We will factory order all of the vehicles to your custom specifications and deliver them to your business.

  • Lower Payments
    Because you are not paying for the entire purchase price of the vehicle, your lease is based only on the times and mileage you plan on using it.
  • No Down Payments
    Leasing requires no down payment. Typically, the first month's lease payment and the first year's license fees will put you into the vehicle of your choice.
  • Leaves Cash Available
    When you don't make a substantial cash down payment, your money is available for other investments and purchases.
  • Faster Process
    We can generally offer credit approval in one day. You can enjoy one stop shopping for all makes and models, saving you the time and frustration that comes with shopping.
  • Simplified Tax Record
    Many individuals, companies and professionals enjoy the simplified record keeping that leasing provides. Leasing is both convenient and efficient at tax reporting time. You also save on sales tax and pay tax only on your monthly payment - not on part of the vehicle value you don't use.
  • Custom Transportation
    Whether you are shopping for a car or truck, lease or purchase, our job is to make the arrangements quick, easy and affordable. We can customize everything for you including additions to your vehicle, such as utility bodies, flat beds, special van interiors and more.

Should I Lease My Vehicles?
If the answer to any of these questions makes you wonder, the answer may be YES:

  • Could I use extra working capital?
  • Can I make more money than current lease/loan rates?
  • Do I spend more annually on assets than I can immediately expense?
  • Am I affected by the Alternative Minimum Tax?
  • Does the Present Value effect of paying Sales Tax over time help me?
  • Does it make any sense to pay 100% tax on a vehicle I’m only using part of?
  • Am I restricted with loan covenants on my commercial line of credit?

Flexible Payment Structure

Lease payments are typically made on a monthly basis, but repayment schedules can be customized on a quarterly, semi-annual or even variable basis matched to projected company cash flows.

We can also accommodate progress payments contractually owed to vendors while equipment is being shipped, installed and/or tested prior to its being put in service.

Our broad expertise means that we can provide a full range of financing solutions for equipment acquisitions in a variety of industries, including construction, transportation, technology, aircraft, and printing. You and your customers benefit from our experience, knowledge and financial strength.

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