Fixed Rate Loans

With our 15-Year Fixed Rate Home Loan, you have the assurance that your rate is stable and will not increase. Your interest rate, along with your total monthly payment of interest and principal, will remain the same for the term of the loan. Eligible property types include owner-occupied single-family residences, owner-occupied 1-4 residential units, townhomes, and low-rise condominiums.

Fixed Rate loan benefits:

  • Easier budgeting with fixed payment
  • No pre-payment penalty
  • Should interest rates rise, your Home Loan interest rate and payment will remain the same
  • Quicker loan payoff and faster equity building
  • Easier budgeting with fixed payment


Get the stability you need with a Fixed Rate Home Loan today. Call us at 800.771.2228800.771.2228 to learn more.

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