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Hamilton Ranches, Inc.

Hamilton Ranches, Inc.
Jim C. Hamilton, Owner

Hamilton Ranches, Inc.

The Hamilton family has been farming in the San Joaquin valley since 1906, starting with James Hamilton, the grandfather of Jim C. Hamilton, who may know today as being the leader in producing premium California pecan meats.

Hamilton Ranches is well known around the world for producing premium California pecan meats. With their patented pecan meat dryer, they remain one of the top innovators in the industry and continue to lead the way to the best pecans around. When you buy Hamilton Ranches pecans you will get a handful of remarkable, golden California color pecans. Just one of the many Hamilton differences.

If you ever visit Hamilton Ranches please ask for Jim Hamilton or his sons to show you around the ranch.

“My banker has taken care of Hamilton Ranches for many years. She understands the seasonal demands of the nut farming industry and is a real business partner.”

— Jim C. Hamilton, Owner

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