Remote Deposit Capture
New Driver Installation

Important Information About Your Remote Deposit Capture Service

Effective October 6, 2020, CBank Online Banking will not be accessible from an Internet Explorer (IE11) browser as a result of Microsoft’s end-of-life support for IE11. In addition to switching computer browsers, Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) customers still using IE11 to access RDC must download and install the new RDC Ranger Remote driver.



The instructions below outline installation. If you can already access RDC while using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, you do not need to install the new driver.


Before You Begin

The Ranger Remote driver allows RDC to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge browsers.



  • Be sure to install the new Ranger Remote driver before switching from IE11.
  • Installation of the new driver requires PC Admin rights. If you do not have PC Admin rights, please contact your IT specialist for assistance.
  • Once the download is complete, your view will default to Contemporary View and cannot be switched back to Classic View.



Installing the Ranger Remote Driver

Log in to Remote Deposit Capture, click on Help from the main menu, and select Download Page.
Help Menu

From the Download Page, select Ranger Remote and click Install Now. When prompted, click Run, then Install. Installation may take a few minutes.

Install Fiserv

Click Complete to close the form.


Starting Ranger Remote

NOTE: The following steps are only required after the initial program installation.

To launch Ranger Remote, go to Start > All Programs > Silver Bullet Technology > Ranger > Ranger Remote, then start Ranger Remote. Ranger Remote Install

A new icon will appear in the bottom-right taskbar. Right-click the icon and select Start Server. If the only option is to Stop Server, you may skip this step.

Server Tray Icon

Once the server has started, select a new browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge) and log in to Remote Deposit Capture as usual.


If you have questions or require assistance with the Ranger Remote installation, please contact our Customer Service Line at 888.228.2265.