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Since 1974, Citizens Business Bank has been creating banking relationships by focusing on our customer and helping them achieve more for their business, their employees, and the communities they serve. Our founder, George A. Borba Sr., was an enterprising dairy farmer and small business owner from Southern California. George saw a need to support other business owners in his community by helping them preserve and enhance the value of their companies. He shared his vision with a group of local business leaders who cared deeply about their community, and together they set out to design a new banking experience.

Chino Valley Bank was established in August of 1974. More than 45 years later, Citizens Business Bank has grown to approximately $16 billion in assets with 3 trust offices and over 60 banking locations throughout California. We changed our name to Citizens Business Bank along the way, but we still hold true to our original vision.

We are proud to be in the position to assist entrepreneurs with opportunities to foster and grow their businesses. Our customers’ success is our success. We are able to build long-standing relationships with each customer by treating them the same way we would want to be treated. In fact, many of our customers have banked with us for decades. Our unwavering commitment to our five core values is the reason we are consistently recognized as one of the top-performing banks in the nation.

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The Bank has ample liquidity, as reflected by our loans to total deposits and customer repurchase ratio of 70%.

Pristine Credit Quality

Checkmark Seven of the last ten years the Bank has experienced net recoveries.

Checkmark Over the last ten years, the Bank experienced $20.5 million in net recoveries.

Our Leadership

At Citizens Business Bank, we define leadership as the ability to foster the knowledge and experience necessary to guide us through various economic cycles, and create an inspired vision for the long-term success of the Bank, our customers, our associates, and our local communities.

Our Vision

Citizens Business Bank will strive to become the premier financial services company operating throughout the state of California, serving the comprehensive financial needs of successful small to medium-sized businesses and their owners.

Our Mission

The mission of Citizens Business Bank is to achieve superior performance and rank in the top ten percent of all financial institutions in the nation in return on equity and return on assets. This will be achieved by delivering the finest in financial products and services through relationship banking commitments with businesses and professionals throughout the state of California. It will be supported by an unqualified commitment to our five core values of financial strength, superior people, customer focus, cost-effective operation, and having fun.

Career Opportunities

Be moved to achieve and explore the many opportunities that await you at Citizens Business Bank, from a collaborative,

team-focused environment and exciting culture to 401(k), profit sharing, and competitive salary.

1CVB Financial Corp. is the holding company for Citizens Business Bank
2As of 09.30.202