C-PACE Financing

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE)

Commercial Real Estate Owners and Developers

Citizens Business Bank’s C-PACE Financing enables you to integrate green improvements and other carbon-reducing enhancements to your property without a large up-front capital contribution. Take advantage of the many opportunities associated with energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Compared to traditional financing, C-PACE Financing is fulfilled through a voluntary property tax assessment. The assessment is tied to the property and is paid semi-annually with your property taxes. Should the property be sold, the repayment obligation is transferred to the next property owner. Improvements must meet certain criteria to be eligible for C-PACE Financing.

Clean Energy Improvements Eligible for C-PACE Financing include:

seismic strengthening icon

Seismic Strengthening

Structural retrofits (superstructure strengthening) and non-structural
retrofits (supplemental bracings and supports)

energy efficiency icon

Energy Efficiency

Air sealing and ventilation, HVAC, windows, lighting, insulation,
roofing, refrigeration, charging stations, and more

wildfire hardening icon

Wildfire Hardening

Building hardening and
fire-resistant building materials

water conservation icon

Water Conservation

Fixtures, irrigation, landscaping,
water reuse, and more

renewable energy icon

Renewable Energy

Solar, wind, cogeneration,
fuel cell, and more

C-PACE Financing Team

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Paul Hoffman

Senior Vice President
Manager of C-PACE Lending

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