Leadership Team

With an average banking experience of more than thirty years, our Leadership Team is comprised of experienced individuals with a wide range of industry knowledge. Each of our executives plays an integral role in the overall success of Citizens Business Bank.

David A. Brager, President and Chief Executive Officer

David A. Brager

President and Chief Executive Officer

E. Allen Nicholson, Executive Vice President<br>Chief Financial Officer

E. Allen Nicholson

Executive Vice President
Chief Financial Officer

David C. Harvey, Executive Vice President<br>Chief Operating Officer

David C. Harvey

Executive Vice President
Chief Operating Officer

David F. Farnsworth, Executive Vice President<br>Chief Credit Officer

David F. Farnsworth

Executive Vice President
Chief Credit Officer

Richard H. Wohl, Executive Vice President<br>General Counsel

Richard H. Wohl

Executive Vice President
General Counsel

R. Daniel Banis, Executive Vice President<br>Head of CitizensTrust

R. Daniel Banis

Executive Vice President
Head of CitizensTrust

Yamynn De Angelis, Executive Vice President<br>Chief Risk Officer

Yamynn De Angelis

Executive Vice President
Chief Risk Officer

Ted J. Dondanville, Executive Vice President<br>Banking Division Manager

Ted J. Dondanville

Executive Vice President
Banking Division Manager

Susan M. Mlot, Executive Vice President<br>Head of Operations

Susan M. Mlot

Executive Vice President
Head of Operations

Timothy B. Noone, Executive Vice President<br>Specialty Banking Group Manager

Timothy B. Noone

Executive Vice President
Specialty Banking Group Manager

Hector G. Gutierrez, Esq., Executive Vice President<br>Deputy Chief Credit Officer

Hector G. Gutierrez, Esq.

Executive Vice President
Deputy Chief Credit Officer

G. Larry Zivelonghi, Executive Vice President<br>Dairy & Livestock Industries Group Manager

G. Larry Zivelonghi

Executive Vice President
Dairy & Livestock Industries Group Manager

Jeffrey S. Boyer, Senior Vice President<br>Los Angeles Region-North

Jeffrey S. Boyer

Senior Vice President
Los Angeles Region-North

Michael K. Currie, Senior Vice President<br>Chief Information Officer

Michael K. Currie

Senior Vice President
Chief Information Officer

Gilbert W. Estrada, Senior Vice President<br>Inland Empire Region

Gilbert W. Estrada

Senior Vice President
Inland Empire Region

Donald E. Evenson, Senior Vice President<br>CitizensTrust Chief Investment Officer

Donald E. Evenson

Senior Vice President
CitizensTrust Chief Investment Officer

Richard M. Favor, Senior Vice President<br>Central Coast Region

Richard M. Favor

Senior Vice President
Central Coast Region

Deborah G. Gallagher, Senior Vice President<br>SBA Group Manager

Deborah G. Gallagher

Senior Vice President
SBA Group Manager

Joyce Y. Kwon, Senior Vice President<br>Director of Human Resources

Joyce Y. Kwon

Senior Vice President
Director of Human Resources

Daniel Limon, Senior Vice President<br>Specialty Lending Division Manager

Daniel Limon

Senior Vice President
Specialty Lending Division Manager

Michael B. Mulcahy, Senior Vice President<br>Los Angeles Region-Metro

Michael B. Mulcahy

Senior Vice President
Los Angeles Region-Metro

Rudy I. Ramirez, Senior Vice President<br>Chief Information Security Officer

Rudy I. Ramirez

Senior Vice President
Chief Information Security Officer

Mark C. Richardson, Senior Vice President<br>Real Estate Banking Group Manager

Mark C. Richardson

Senior Vice President
Real Estate Banking Group Manager

LaVon Short, Senior Vice President<br>Director of Treasury Management and Marketing

LaVon Short

Senior Vice President
Director of Treasury Management and Marketing

Michael D. Stain, Senior Vice President<br>Central Valley Region

Michael D. Stain

Senior Vice President
Central Valley Region

David S. Stong, Senior Vice President<br>San Diego Region

David S. Stong

Senior Vice President
San Diego Region

Robert E. Zeltner, Senior Vice President<br>Orange County Region

Robert E. Zeltner

Senior Vice President
Orange County Region