Dual Pricing Program

What is Dual Pricing?

Citizens Business Bank’s Dual Pricing Program enables your business to cut down on card processing fees, while giving your customers the choice of payment options that make the most sense for them.

Understanding Dual Pricing

If your business is looking for a way to offset rising merchant processing fees, then the Dual Pricing Program may be for you. Dual Pricing means charging your customers the cash price for a cash transaction and the regular price for using a credit card or signature debit card. The price difference can help your business cover a significant amount of fees associated with accepting and processing cards.

Benefits of Dual Pricing

Increase your bottom-line profits

Encourage cash transactions

Cut down on fees

Avoid fluctuating costs
for card processing

Give Your Customers the Choice

Our Dual Pricing Terminal shows your customers both the cash price and the regular price when making a purchase, giving them the option to choose how they want to pay. Customers paying with cards will pay the regular price, which incorporates costs of processing, while cash-paying customers will receive a discount.

Cut Down on Fees

Accepting credit and signature debit cards is a necessary step for most businesses, but rising merchant processing fees can add up and cut into your profitability. By implementing a Dual Pricing Terminal at checkout, you allow your customers to simply select the cash price or the regular price. The price difference can help you cover a significant amount of fees associated with accepting and processing cards.

Increase Transparency

Your customers will appreciate having the knowledge of how much they can expect to pay for a cash or a card transaction. This transparency, along with the ability to choose the option that makes the most sense to the customer, can benefit both your customer relationships and your business in the long run.

Gain More Control of Your Prices

Instead of increasing prices for all your customers to offset card processing fees, offering cash and card prices allows you to maintain consistent margin for your products and services without consideration of payment type accepted. Your business profitability stands to benefit from a Dual Pricing Program.

Encourage Cash Transactions

Dual Pricing is an effective strategy for increasing the percentage of your customers that use cash at checkout. For price-conscious customers, the cash price option is the more appealing choice.

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