Fraud Prevention

Fraud Prevention, Treasury Management Services
Citizens Business Bank understands and supports your business with unparalleled service, industry expertise, and products to meet and exceed your banking needs. Our robust Treasury Management solutions will help minimize risk and protect your accounts from fraud.

check positive pay

Check Positive Pay

An electronic service to help prevent check fraud by automatically matching check numbers and amounts against an issued-check file you provide to the Bank.

  • Quickly review and identify questionable checks
  • Help prevent unauthorized check payments

check payee match

Check Payee Match

An enhanced form of Check Positive Pay which compares the payee’s name on a presented check against an issued-check file you provide to the Bank.

  • Provides early detection of altered or unauthorized checks

ach positive pay

ACH Positive Pay

Designed to help prevent Automated Clearing House (ACH) fraud by automatically comparing incoming ACH transactions against a list you provide to the Bank of acceptable and unacceptable ACH transactions.

  • Review unexpected ACH transactions to pay or return
  • Added protection from unauthorized ACH transactions
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