Citizens Business Bank works hard to help you get paid. From Remote Deposit Capture and Armored Car to Electronic Debit (ACH) and Lockbox services, our Receivables solutions accelerate payments to save time and energy for your business while assuring your money is in your hands when you want it.

merchant servicesMerchant Solutions

Today, customers want convenience and simplicity.

The good news is that your business can easily accommodate your customers’ needs for convenience and simplicity by accepting credit cards and debit cards. Plus, we offer merchant-branded gift cards that help you leverage the power of your brand and bring in new customers, encourage repeat visits, build loyalty, and increase sales.




remote deposit captureRemote Deposit Capture

We can save you time and money.

With Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), you will have a simple, quick, and easy way to electronically deposit your checks when it makes sense for you and your business. Remote Deposit Capture benefits a wide range of businesses, including those that have multiple locations.



achElectronic Debit (ACH)

Save time and energy with a simple and cost-effective way to receive debit payments from your customers.

With Electronic Debit, through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network, your business can easily automate and expedite the collection of your receivables, streamline your accounts, and reduce your risk of fraud.





With Lockbox, it’s all automated and fully streamlined for your convenience.

Drastically cut time out of your receivables processing by having your customers send their payments directly to us. Whether you are a small business that receives a few high-dollar payments a month or a medium-sized company that receives thousands of payments each month, Lockbox can help you productively and efficiently process your receivables.



armored carArmored Car

Protect your deposits and mitigate risk for your business with our Armored Car service.

If your business requires cash and deposit pick-ups, Citizens Business Bank’s Armored Car service is a safe and secure solution for the transport of your assets to our processing location.

Smart SafeSmart Safe Advanced Credit

Receive credit for cash in your Smart Safe before it’s moved to our Cash Vault

Most Armored Car companies offer to install a Smart Safe at your business location, which counts cash being deposited, detects counterfeits, provides detailed reporting, and can only be opened by the armored carrier. Smart Safe Advanced Credit is an optional, Bank-offered service that provides advanced, provisional credit for cash deposited into your on-site Smart Safe, before it is picked up and delivered to the Bank’s Cash Vault.